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Time to Backpack around SA

We all get the travel bug at some stage of our lives, and we usually think of heading straight overseas. But with the exchange rate as it is, it’s worth investigating what you are missing out on in your own country for a fraction of the cost. Interestingly enough, backpacking in South Africa is not very well known among locals and yet a thriving backpacking culture exists on our doorstep. There are an estimated 300 backpacker hostels throughout South Africa, ranging in location from cities to very areas. Baz Bus, a door-to-door backpacker bus service, provides transport for more than 180 hostels and reaches out-of-the-way areas not covered by other transport providers. The concept is simple – your simply buy a one ticket to your final destination and then hop on and off anywhere along the route as many times as you want, whenever you want, with no time limit. There are many places of interest along the route between Cape Town and Johannesburg and Pretoria, covering the popular Garden Route and the Transkei Wild Coast with its rugged cliffs and untouched coastline. From Durban you have the option of traveling either via the Drakensberg – the highest peaks in South Africa and gateway into Lesotho – or via Swaziland, with the youngest reigning monarch in the world. Says Alex Beach of Cape Town: “ I remember waking up one morning, looking over the stunning mountains of the Kingdom of Lesotho with breathtaking views around Melea Lea, and just smiling. That day was special for me, as we were going pony trekking. We left after a hearty breakfast

And I was amazed at how friendly the children were, running alongside the ponies, smiling and waving at us. I felt so lucky to be a South African with Lesotho just on my doorstep”. Most backpacker hostels offer a huge range of adventure activities and cultural encounters at affordable rates. Examples include the highest bungee jump in the world, white shark cage diving, exhilarating mountain trails and even meeting practicing witchdoctors. Accommodation varies widely from traditional huts to converted hunting lodges and homes. Backpacker hostels generally have a warm atmosphere and their prices pale in comparison to our European counterparts, with dormitory beds (sharing bunk-bed style) from as little as R50 a night, and doubles from R150 a room. Backpacking is a culture of meeting people, seeing new places and sharing travel stories. When you backpack in South Africa. You will meet people from all over the world, so not only will you experience the rainbow cultures of South Africa, but also gain the opportunity of learning how other young International travelers perceive our land and its people. So don’t delay, pack your bags (and don’t forget your surfboards and guitar) and get our there! You will see exquisite scenery, meet interesting people, save money and contribute towards sustainable tourism development in South Africa.

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