06th Birthday Party - Cape Town

Superb day at the races

Everybody was assigned a blue or orange t-shirt and shuffled on to the busses. Thank you to Ferdinands Tours, The Backpacker Bus, OVC-Hylton Ross and Phoenix for their wheels and sexy driversJ. It was great to have over 130 friends and agents from around the country join us for the races. Not just any races! This was a time to watch Barrys Idol in action ( No not Barry Zeidel in action!). The betting begun. There were numerous bets placed on Barrys Idol to pull in first. The pressure was on!!

The snacks were good, the champagne flowed well and more bets were placed! The Baz Bus rent a crowd all cheered for Barrys Idol (or Barry Zeidel??). It was a proud moment for all of us standing their united in backpacking and plastic champers cups lifted into the air!! And then what happened? The horses came in the race was over. and then came Barrys Idol limping past the finish line. What a show!! In true Baz style, the jockey most probably turned the horse back to fetch a late passenger J

Rhythm and Drums

The clock struck 5 time to gather the troops and head back into town for a jammin session at the African Drum Caf. We were keen to see what kind of music 130 happy - slurring agents and staff could put together. It was pretty good. Feed them cocktails, put some drums in front of them and you would be amazed at the rhythm and beat that rocked the place! Or was that the DJ?

Late night survivors

For the die-hards.(me not included) the Carnaby backpackers opened up their bar and dance floor for some late night boogying!

Altogether a superb day!
It was a great opportunity for agents to meet each other and our Baz Bus team. For those that made it. A BIG THANK YOU FOR MAKING IT HAPPEN! For those that did not make it. YOU MISSED A GREAT PARTY

Click here to view photos - Kenilworth Racecourse
Click here to view photos - Mandela Park
Click here to view photos - Drumcafe

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