Departs: Daily - duration three and a half hours.

"if you do one thing in PE, make sure it is a township tour...This (Real City) Tour is strictly cringe free. It will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about South Africa; past and present"

London Sunday Times

Discover the real essence of South Africa by taking an unforgettable 'roller coaster' ride tour that reveals the inescapable contrast between social deprivation, but at the same time highlighting the inspirational stories and successes of the present.

The tour covers a distance of around 70km, and exposes the diversity of people from all walks of life, not only those in desperately poor areas, but also the middle class and elite suburbs within a thriving community - interspersed with monuments to remember the struggle, with colourful and high activity trading markets....

On this tour you will:

Feel the pulse beat of our emerging, united City.

Visit historically significant sights and previously inaccessible areas.

Meet local artists at work in an informal settlement.

Experience the legendary African hospitality at a community run school. Break for a township style tea.

By taking The Real City Tour you directly help fund this school.

Departure Time: Between 9:45am - 10:00am