Free Elundini Crèche Half Day Tour

Baz Bus is giving you the opportunity to join us, donate and spend some time with the children at the Elundini Crèche (temporary site until the new building is complete) and thereby participate in this initiative to provide the wonderful classrooms and facilities for these children.

You will be interacting with the children and assisting the SAVE volunteers with various tasks to make your visit to the crèche enjoyable to the children, and make happy memories while making a difference.

How does it work?

When you BUY A BRICK of R300 or more you will receive a FREE PASS to visit the Elundini Crèche. You will need to book your seat at least 48 hours in advance to ensure availability.

From your backpacker hostel in Cape Town every Friday

Departure time:
07:00 - 07:15am

Time spent at Elundini: 08:30 -12:30pm

Arrival time in Cape Town: 13:15 - 14:00pm

    What to bring:
  • Dress comfortably (as you interact with the children)
  • A bottle of water and refreshments

Buy a Brick – Provide a Classroom!

Elundini Educare centre is in Dunoon, an extremely poor suburb of Cape Town, and is the only centre on the West Coast of Cape Town catering to children with disabilities in a safe environment. Children attending this centre range from babies to 18 years. Here, children with physical and mental disabilities receive care, meals, stimulation and physiotherapy to care for their varying needs on a daily basis. The centre also looks after able-bodied preschool children from babies to Grade R.

For the past four years, SAVE Foundation has been committed to assisting Elundini Educare Centre with mentoring, provision of supplies, volunteers' assistance and equipment as well as rendering financial support. Baz Bus has committed to contribute to this initiative on a regular basis.

Elundini cares for around 90 children, many of whom are fetched from far every day.

The centre is a mish-mash of buildings ranging from shipping containers to Wendy houses, hardly suited to the very important purpose it serves. Disabled children in wheelchairs have to navigate rough terrain and there is no proper outdoor facilities for any of the children. The structures are hot in summer and cold in winter with leaking roofs and no shelter from the rain for those needing to use the bathroom facilities, situated in another building outside.

SAVE Foundation and Baz Bus hope to change all that by assisting the centre with obtaining a proper brick and mortar structure that is designed for the needs of the children in their care. A centre with proper classrooms and corridors leading to bathroom facilities under the same roof. Where wheelchairs can comfortably move around and physiotherapy can be done in a proper room rather than on the hard floor…

The plans are drawn and approved, builders have been appointed and they are ready to go… We have even found an empty building to use for the kids while they build! BUT one tiny little ingredient is still needed: the capital!

This is where YOU can help!

Baz Bus is giving you the opportunity to contribute to this amazing project, and thereby participate in this initiative to provide the wonderful classrooms and facilities for these children. Simply BUY A BRICK at R100 when you buy your Baz Bus ticket OR click here to contribute without buying a Baz Bus ticket.

As SAVE Foundation employs local people, source materials themselves, project manages the entire project on their own and keep tight control of everything – they are getting the entire project at a fraction of the cost! Initially quoted at R3mil, they are doing the entire project for R1.2 million.

There are a total of 12 rooms to complete and thus funding for 10 rooms is still needed at R100 000 each.

Companies, groups and individuals donating are able to choose to assist in the building process and will get a plaque outside their completed room saying who the sponsor of that room was. We will also ensure broad marketing in social and print media.

As SAVE Foundation is a registered non-profit organisation, they can also provide tax deductible donation certification for any donation amounts. For South African companies, they can also supply BEE certification to improve your company's BEE scorecard.
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