What Is Baz Bus?

  • Baz Bus is a unique hop-on hop-off, door-to-door bus service between the backpacking hostels around South Africa.
  • Simply buy one ticket to your final destination and get on and off as many times as you want, wherever you want, with no time limit.
  • Our buses are 22 - seater semi-luxury buses, all with on-board TV & videos, and trailers capable of carrying surfboards and bicycles.
  • Baz Bus runs in each direction between Cape Town and Johannesburg / Pretoria with stops along the coast.

View our Hop-On Hop-Off video:

Why Use Baz Bus?

  • Flexibility - You are not limited to a fixed schedule and you can choose where you want to stay and how long you want to stay there. Simply call Baz Bus when you are ready to travel to the next town along the route.
  • Convenience - You are picked up and dropped off at the door of your backpacker hostel. There are over 180 hostels to select from and more than 40 cities, towns and villages to visit en route.
  • Safety - No getting lost in strange towns in the middle of the night or having to lug heavy bags between bus and train stations.
  • Get On-Board Information - Our info files tell you what's hot and what's not, where to go and who to go with.
  • Enjoyment - Fun way to meet fellow travellers. Sit back, relax and share travel tales.
  • Reach Out Of The Way Places - Private shuttles meet Baz Bus and run you to inaccessible areas (a service fee may be applicable).
  • More Popular Than Car Hire - No need to navigate on your own and getting lost at night, Baz Bus drops you off at the door of your hostel.
    ○ Save a fortune on fuel costs!
    ○ Meet your future husband / wife on the bus (yes, this does happen!).
    ○ Don't worry about drinking and driving, so you can still party the nights (and days) away.
    ○ Instead of driving, take time to relax and enjoy the scenery or catch a video.
    ○ You can snog, read a book or doze away whilst someone else does the driving.
    ○ Bus travel has the lowest emissions, so you'll be reducing your carbon footprint.

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